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Our Services

We leverage methods like interviews, diary studies, surveys, and more to collect intelligent data to help teams make informed user-centred decisions.

1. Product-Market Fit Evaluation

Customer discovery for STARTUPS -

👉 Better understand your target market’s needs and challenges.

👉 Find product-market fit early and identify new opportunities to differentiate your product from competition.

👉 Fail fast & learn fast through iterative customer research without wasting time and effort in developing the wrong idea.



  • Coaching sessions to help you get set up to confidently run your own iterative customer discovery. 

  • Advice on the right method, crafting good unbiased questions and incorporating user feedback to make more informed product decisions.

  • Workshops and sprints to help incorporate feedback into design and business decisions.

  • End-to-end coaching to help you run cost effective and quick iterative discovery to fit the startup product lifecycle. 

Starting at 5,000 USD

End-to-end Consulting


  • End-to-end research execution.

  • We'll run iterative rounds of research for you - from recruiting participants to running the interviews. 

  • Insights activation through Product-Market fit workshop with internal stakeholders.

Starting at 9,000 USD

2. Foundational and Iterative Research


👉 Deep-dive into a specific industry, user segment, market to identify user pain points and opportunities.

👉 Brainstorm ideas to address specific user problems and narrow down to concepts that will resonate with the users.

👉 Ensure all target user segments can use your products with ease and confidence.

Customer deep-dives


  • 12 in-depth user interviews OR diary study with 15 users (as per research questions).

  • Secondary research

  • Detailed report with insights and actionable recommendations.

  • Insights activation through ideation sessions with internal teams.

Mixed methods research with strong quant and qual insights


  • Survey with 300 responses

  • 12 in-depth user interviews OR diary study depending on the research questions

  • Detailed report with insights and actionable recommendations.

  • Insights activation through Ideation sessions with internal teams.

Concept OR Usability Testing


  • Heuristic evaluation

  • 10 user interviews 

  • Detailed report with insights and actionable recommendations.

  • Insights activation through ideation and decision jam workshops with internal teams.

Why User Experience Research is a great investment? 

  • A Forbes 2023 article stated that in 42% of cases, failed startups created a product/ service that didn’t meet a real need in the market - UX research can help you get a clear vision of the right product to build for the right customers.​

  • Companies that apply user research and design principles grew their value 211% more than the S&P 500 over a 10-year period.

  • UX Research helps reduce cost - reduced engineering and marketing cost since research provides a clear vision of what to build, what features to prioritise and how to market it in a way that it resonated with the customers.

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